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Ready or not! September 7, 2008

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Well, I think I am actually ready.  The bags are packed and sitting by the door, the house is clean (thanks Mom!), I’ve filled up on my favourite chinese food (thanks Dad!) and in twelve hours I will be boarding a plane, whether I’m ready or not. 

 I have had such a great week and need to say thank you to everybody who was able to take time from your busy lives to hang out with me.  Thank you Tonya for coming such a long way just to help me find good deals on bug spray and protein bars.  Sue, Steve and Ally, I loved every moment.  Thanks to everybody who came by OJs and all of the kind cards and words of encouragement. It really meant a lot to me.   Joshua, Caleb, Luke, and Susan, can’t wait until our next play day and walk to the school bus.  Bev and Nadine, for a last minute trip to the Farmer’s Market to settle the nerves a bit. And the list goes on.  I was really starting to question why on earth I was leaving this place until I arrived home tonight to finish off the packing and remembered that I hadn’t yet cleaned up my shoes for the plane tomorrow after a very poorly chosen step right in the middle of a HUGE cow patty last weekend.  So I will say goodbye to Alberta for a while, but am glad I don’t really have to say goodbye to you, just a “talk to you later”, knowing that we will be regularly in touch.  So………talk to you later!


One Response to “Ready or not!”

  1. Tonya Says:

    Soo……….did you get all that sulphur springs hike cow paddy out of your sandals?
    Hope your flight was and is(still travelling) smooth.

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