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Should have knocked on wood……. September 9, 2008

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My first title was “Sandra is an idiot” but I’m trying to stay positive here:) We had a great flight, or at least as great as 21 hours of flying/waiting can be.  Even the little stop down in Nigeria was easy, didn’t have to get off the plane or anything.  I breezed through immigration, found my bags right away, changed some money and walked through customs with only a weary glance from the guy when I told him my bag was full of toiletries (true!).  The ride to our guesthouse was very tame and at one point we were sitting in the car in a massive traffic jam but everything was so quiet you could hear the crickets (or whatever they are).  That may have been because our driver turned off the car so we wouldn’t run out of gas, but I don’t care, I was just thrilled that there weren’t horns going off constantly.

So, why is Sandra an idiot? Well, when we got to the guesthouse I opened my bag which clearly had been rearranged at some point by someone going through my things only to discover that they must have put some of somebody else’s stuff back in.  And, yes, that’s when it dawned on me that I had picked up the wrong bag.  I can’t believe it! Who doesn’t check the nametag right? But really, how likely was it that someone coming on a flight from Frankfurt would have the identical purple with white stripes pack from MEC.  Doh.  So, I now have some poor girl’s stuff and am hoping that when I go back to the airport tonight mine will be there.  I just really hope this wasn’t her only bag.  I even know who it is because I talked to this girl in line at immigration.  This is the one time I wish I had been asked by the customs guy to pull everything out like everybody else seemed to be doing.  Oh well, nothing I can do now but wait.  Lesson learned.  Check the tag.

Lesson #2….when the prescription says “take with food” you should take it with food.  I did not have a good sleep last night as my malaria pills decided it was time to teach me a lesson with wicked heartburn.  At eleven last night I rummaged through my bag to pull out the jar of peanut butter I have to see if I could settle things down a bit, but no luck.  Lesson learned.  Take pills with food.

This morning we have come to the Uniterra office and met most of the staff, all of whom are extremely friendly.  The plan for today is to get a couple more passport photos for a visa extension and then just hang out.  Tomorrow and Thursday are orientation days at the office with four more Canadians who are with Students Without Borders.  Then the plan is to stick around for a few more days and then up to Jirapa next Monday.  That’s all I have for now.  I’ll post an update on the bag situation, hopefully a happy one!


3 Responses to “Should have knocked on wood…….”

  1. Sandra #2 Says:

    Oh no! At least you know that you will eventually get your bag before you leave your destination. Too funny!

    It sounds like the rest of the trip was good. I bet you’ll be happy just to be settled in Jirapa and to get started.

    I can’t wait to hear more. What’s it like where you are? Paint us a picture.

  2. Michelle H-I Says:

    Hey! That doesn’t sound that bad! I think you’re doing great! I wouldn’t have checked the bag tag either! In the big picture, seems like smooth sailing. Hope your week keeps getting better!


  3. ssrussell Says:

    Hey, you’re safe!
    Glad to hear it… so you pulled a Russell, what more could be expected? And only a Russell would have the misfortune to be NOT stopped the ONE time it would help.

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