Gone to Ghana

System Overload September 12, 2008

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Wow, I don’t know where to start.  There have been so many things over the past couple of days that I think I should tell to certain people and now I just have so many that I can’t even remember.  I guess over time it will all come out. 


Yes, I got my bag back and it really was quite easy actually.  I mean, as easy as negotiating a taxi, riding through ridiculous traffic, dealing with my first marriage proposal in Ghana by the “lost baggage” man, negotiating another taxi back, getting out of that one and into another so our driver could avoid a police checkstop…..well as easy as that.  I expected it to be much more of a hassle and was happy just to have to put up with the “stupid woman” looks from anybody I had to tell.


We have learned lots in our training and I have met the most wonderful woman, Danielle, who was able to tell me all about Jirapa since she was in the area for almost a year.  She raved about the town, the other people I will be working with, and even has given me a list of names and phone numbers of people to get in touch with.  So really I am feeling quite at ease about the whole thing, although I don’t think I will actually get to Jirapa until next Thursday since it is a long process.


Well, now that that’s done I’ll tell you some fun stuff.  My favourite thing that is a little bit different is the ability you have to buy just about anything while sitting in traffic.  I suspect I will hold off on complaining about Calgary traffic for a bit after I get home after seeing this.  It is brutal, basically because they have no lights and use only traffic circles or uncontrolled intersections  so it is one massive city of crawling cars trying to nudge their way in somewhere.  Anyway, the cool part is that there are people walking up and down the lanes trying to sell you, well, just about anything.  Today we saw lots of types of snack foods, bags of apples, DVDs, cell phone minutes, board games, towels, and my absolute favourite…..toilet paper.  How great? I mean, you’re driving home from a busy day at work and you can buy a snack, a show to watch for the evening and the toilet paper that you were supposed to pick up yesterday but forgot.   (I also liked the buy who was selling leather chairs from the middle of a grassy field).


The other thing that I love is all the signs.  They tend to have phrases as the first part of a business name and then what it actually is as the second part.  For example, God Is Love Hairstyling or Praise God Truck Towing.  I particularly liked the sign that said The Last Legon Medical Clinic…..hehehe.  It took me a while to figure out that there is a neighborhood called East Legon and someone had just scratched out the other parts of the ‘E’.  And with that I will leave you for today.  Have a good night!


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