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Tro Tros and Hawkers September 12, 2008

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Well today was a pretty relaxed day with nothing actually scheduled.  I don’t know how it is possible that it is now six o’clock and I am exhausted from a day that was relatively easy.  We just got off an hour and a half ride on a tro tro and maybe that has something to do with it.  A tro tro is basically a city bus but is the size of a 12-passenger van…….we had 23 in ours this afternoon and I expect they would take more at times.  I have no idea how a person who is visiting here would figure out this system because what they do is they drive down the street with one guy leaning out the window yelling what bus it is, in our case “circle, circle.” You pile in and they keep going.  While the one guy is driving the other one continues to yell out the window for more passengers as well as collect your fare.  Fares are not posted, you just tell him where you’re getting off and he tells you how much it is.  Our price is different than that paid by the locals I’m sure.  Anyway, there are no route maps and the way we get around is by getting instructions from someone, say, “Take circle to 37, get off at the Maxmart, cross the road and take Medina to…..” and so on.  So far so good:) The hardest part so far is the temperature in there while sitting in traffic.


And, since we were sitting in traffic, I made my first purchase from a tro tro.  A large bag of plantain chips for 50 cents.  You just signal to the lady walking between the lanes, pass your money out the windwo and they pass the chips, all while running to keep up should the traffic actually start moving.  I have decided that I might make a separate page for listing everything you can buy as there are a whole bunch of things we saw today.  So to add to the list in the last post are: water satchets, menthos, clothes hangers, socks, windshield wipers (!), plantain chips, wallets, irons, soccer balls, little toys, orange juice and sanitary napkins (from the same man), loaves of bread, peeled sugar cane, a back massager, a walking cane, car air fresheners and so much more.  I may never need to go to a store again!


5 Responses to “Tro Tros and Hawkers”

  1. ssrussell Says:

    I love it! Everybody knows how much I dislike shopping. Now if we could only figure out how to get those guys to set up shop going 110KM/HR on HWY 21.

  2. Kim Says:

    Hi Sandra – finally got a chance to catch up with your adventures. Very fun reading! (and congrats on the marriage proposal)


  3. Susan Kroeker Says:

    Your blog entries are hilarious! The kids have been trying to imagine shopping from the van and they think it would be great! It sounds like everything we need is available – bread for Caleb, toys for Joshua and an air freshener for Luke.

  4. Tonya Says:

    Hey Sandra. Glad to hear you got your bag back.
    Your traffic stories are funny. There are a few times I wish I could have bought some snacks and toys for the kids while waiting in traffic. Very handy!
    How are you adjusting to the time change?
    Are you keeping a journal? I guess this is one also.
    Kohen and Kael say hi,

  5. Donna Says:

    I am reliving my trip to Ghana as I read your updates. Today is the first time I’ve had to catch up on your meanderings. (The plantain chips are my favorite!) I’m off to see some properties with a realtor tomorrow. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes!

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