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No More Fufu Please September 14, 2008

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Today we headed to Stages for lunch, our regular restaurant, and had quite the, uh, experience. Last week I had a lot of chicken and rice, both plain rice and jollof, which is rice with a spicy sauce. Both were quite pleasant and I was thinking that I might do okay with the food here and not be quite as successful at losing weight as I thought. That was before today.

When we arrived we discovered that, despite the menu out front, the only options were fufu, banku or rice balls, all served with chicken and sauce. The chicken was good. The sauce was fishy. And the rice balls, well, I was done when I couldn’t stop gagging…..after my third bite. Imagine really sticky rice mushed into a ball, soaked in some kind of fishy sauce. I think I could have done better if it wasn’t in the fishy sauce, but it still might have been hard. Two of the other girls tried fufu, cassava paste. I’m a texture person so I knew anything called paste would probably not be my favourite, but even they had trouble. I’m trying to think of something the same consistency at home but I don’t think it exists. Maybe a really gooey taffy except it tastes like paste and is soaked in a fishy sauce. Hope you enjoy your dinner tonight! (Yep, pictures to follow)


3 Responses to “No More Fufu Please”

  1. Sandra #2 Says:

    Tee hee…that’s me and sushi! Once the gagging starts there’s no hope!

  2. ssrussell Says:

    Hmm… cod you have salmon (some one) more time, just for that halibut? Hey, Carp ADM. If you don’t eat it, do they trout in the garbage?

    Love ya!

  3. slrussell Says:

    Nicely done, Steve. I’m sitting here trying to think of a worthy reply but I just can’t…..give me a few days, I’m on Africa time.

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