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Congratulations are in order September 17, 2008

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I finally broke down this morning and put a ring on that finger.  No, not that one, the other one, the ring finger.  I had always assumed that one day it would be someone else putting a ring on my finger but alas what is a single girl in Ghana going to do.  So I am now married.  At least for today.  I have to decide before getting to Jirapa if I am going to tell the truth or if I am going to be married, or maybe I’ll just be engaged.  Either way I think it would be so much easier to respond to some of the “attention” we get if I could say that no I can’t give them my number because my husband wouldn’t like it.  Almost all of the girls here are “married” or engaged, but most at least have a legitimate boyfriend they can refer to……now, let’s see what kind of dream spouse I can invent for the next few months.  The challenge will be keeping my story straight.

Today I decided to stick around Tamale instead of going with the other girls to their placement.  I have at least a six hour ride tomorrow and the travelling is starting to wear on me.  So it was off to the grocery store for my first big shop.  I don’t really know what will be available in Jirapa or Wa so I bought enough canned goods to hopefully get by for a couple of weeks until I will be back here again for another big shop.  I was quite pleased to find pasta, canned tomatoes, soy sauce, tuna, and some canned fruit.  Maybe I’ll survive this after all! Of course I didn’t think to get a can opener until I was back at the guesthouse.  I think I’m beginning to fit in here because I seriously contemplated not going back to the store because it was “too late” at 2:30pm! But hunger took over and I headed back to Melcom’s.  They of course did not have one, but fortunately the other store did and so tonight I will eat.


4 Responses to “Congratulations are in order”

  1. kristen13 Says:

    As I was reading about all the canned goods, all I could think was “gee, i hope she also bought a can opener”…and then I kept reading.

    I don’t know if the water in water out theory would hold any…well, water…but I’ll look into it and report back.

    I think you should make up a great fiance name like Boaz or Jebediah. He could be an architect…at Vandelay industries perhaps.

  2. Sandra #2 Says:

    Aw…I always thought I’d be invited to the wedding! Where’s the diamond?

    That’s so funny that you have to do that, but I guess it’ll make things easier. If you are going to make up this guy…make it good! I can’t wait to hear all about him! : )

  3. Colleen Threadkell Says:

    Hey! It has been crazy but I thought she got married and I am that out of touch!!! Glad things seem to be going well for you and I am glad to hear it! I also thought I would tell you I have Wacy Allen’s “little” (taller than me by a decent amount) sister. She is equally as wonderful.
    Miss you a lot!

  4. slrussell Says:

    Kristen, you are so smart, that’s why I like playing Trivial Pursuit with you. And yes you are right, it isn’t water in, water out. Water is broken down during cellular respiration. Thanks for keeping me on my toes!

    Colleen, so nice to hear from you. I really liked having Wacy, hope the rest of your class is as great.

    Sandra, you should know I’m not a diamond girl:) Actually have decided not to be married except for with the occasional cab driver. Just too big of a leap.

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