Gone to Ghana

Now I Know September 18, 2008

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Now I know why nobody has ever been to Jirapa.  It’s not Jirapa, which is quite pleasant, it’s the road.  There is a road connecting Tamale to the highway in the west and it is, well, lets just say it is less than ideal as a highway.  It is like a logging road that has suffered through a lot of rain.  Now take that logging road for four hours.  And this is the main HIGHWAY.  Add another couple of hours on a good road and you are in Jirapa.  That’s why people haven’t been to Jirapa.


We did not stay long in Jirapa but I had the chance to meet Keke (pronounced KK), a Ghanaian volunteer from Cape Coast, and Natalia, the Girls’ Education Offider for Jirapa and Lambussie.  Both seem wonderful and I am sure that I will get to know them very well over the next few months.  We spent the night in Wa with the Uniterra staff and I headed to bed quite early. 


As we were driving from Tamale to Jirapa I was thinking that we should start an online “cry pool” for me, you know how you do with someone who is expecting and you guess the date the baby will be born? Well, unfortunately it is now too late.  All my mom had to say was, “But you’re fine, right?”. Somehow saying I was fine but not feeling overly joyful at the moment just opened the floodgates.  I will chalk it up to having been on the road for a couple of weeks and it finally sinking in that this is going to be a challenge.  Maybe we could make a pool for the second cry????? Or how about the time when I just lose it on some poor person who asks the wrong thing:)


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