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Where’s My Habit? September 19, 2008

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When we arrived in Jirapa, Keke and Natalia informed me that they had not yet been able to secure a house for me.  The first one is being held for a peace corps volunteer and the owner of the second is in Accra until “next week sometime we hope.” So until then I am living, wait for it, in a convent! (Please no comments about how this is the most appropriate place for tan old spinster like me:)) I had heard about the convent before coming here actually and was told that it is a great place to go for food or if you need anything.  Although it may not be permanent I am happy to be paying my 8 cedes/night for a clean room complete with an attached bathroom.  Most of the others haven’t been so lucky, although I believe that their accommodation is free.  I’m thinking it might be worth 8 bucks to be able to shower with an actual shower head, have water in the tank when everywhere else has run out, and have a backup generator for when there is no power.  Oh, yes, and go to the bathroom within my quarters in the middle of the night.  But, it is a little more awkward for cooking.  Today I felt a little odd going in there to drain my can of pears (yes, that plus a cracker with PB was lunch) but I am hopeful that once I get to know the sisters it will be a snap.  And there of course was a lovely young girl who met me on my walk up the path from the bus to help carry my bag.  This is apparently a common occurrence with no requirement for pay or candy, just a sign of respect.  I don’t want to be giving away things at this point.  That is a big issue in the Upper West, but that will be another post when there isn’t much to say.  Oh, and the bus ride.  I’ll save that as well.


One Response to “Where’s My Habit?”

  1. Pam Stevenson Says:

    Sandra – You should be proud of yourself! What an experience you are going to have, and I am loving your blogs! We miss you at MidSun, but just think of all the stories you will tell. You are in my heart and on my mind.


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