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Have an address! September 23, 2008

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Good morning! Hope you all had a good night’s sleep.  Every morning here we start with greeting everyone in the office, asking how their night was, etc.  You are going to find me totally annoying back at work!


I have an address so if you ever feel so inclined to send a letter, please do! By the way, I really appreciate the emails.  Unfortunately my internet access is very limited so it might take until the weekend for many responses but know that your messages keep me going.  Anyway, my address is:

District Education Office

P.O Box 14

Jirapa, Upper West


West Africa

I did consider that maybe it was not brilliant to publicly post my address on the net, but honestly if you are a stalker I will not be hard to find….the only white lady in Jirapa.  Last night the phones weren’t working and I was supposed to phone a friend of a friend so we could meet.  As I was coming back from getting water a girl ran down the street yelling my name….obviously we didn’t need the phone to get connected.  Anyway, about the mail.  As long as it is a letter or magazine size envelope there shouldn’t be an issue.  Anything bigger and I will have to go to Wa and probably pay the customs officer something (or give him some of my loot).  That being said, if you send a letter could you please put in a large ziplock baggie for me? And, if you felt like it maybe a package of Knorr Tomatoe Basil soup, KD cheese or something similar????? It is very evident to me how much of  materialist I am when I come here.  Anyway, Keke is back and needs his computer.  Wish you a good day!


7 Responses to “Have an address!”

  1. Don Mc Says:

    I got a chuckle when you mentioned the wake-up call each morning in Nicaragua – brought back “fond” memories. Glad to hear you are having such fun – know what you mean about the street vendors. You’re lucky, when we were in Tamale the Cedis were C7000 to the US$1 – try going to an exchange office and converting US$400 – you’d come out a millionaire with C2,400,000 in a black plastic bag – a target for sure!! Love reading your updates.

  2. kristen13 Says:

    I read an article the other day about how for middle class north americans, KD is comfort food. I guess they were right! (it went on to say that because of that, we tend to donate it to the food bank, not realizing that the people who use the food bank often don’t have the milk or butter to make KD and thus they really don’t like getting it)

    Even if they did try to stalk you, they are in for a heck of a trip trying to get there…so I’m guessing you are pretty safe.

  3. blumer Says:

    Hmmm….starting to think about all the things I can shove into an envelope the size of a magazine…how about a magazine??
    Miss you–I’ll have a snowshoeing trip planned for when you get back 🙂

    P.S. I’m still ahead in Science, knew you’d be proud

  4. Kim Says:

    But you’re fine, right? Miss you! -KIM

  5. Judy Halhead Says:

    Hi Sandra,

    Have been meaning to email for ages. I did send a short message at the beginning of your journey but put it in the wrong spot. I’m sure you didn’t get it.

    Sounds like you are settling in and enjoying most parts of your stay. I see you are craving our food, that seems pretty normal to me. Whenever we are away somewhere where we can’t get what we have at home, we can’t wait to get back home to have it.

    MidSun Is a very busy place as I’m sure you heard already.

    We will be going on the girls golf weekend this coming weekend. We will miss your attendance. We will toast you at dinner and be thinking of you lots. So far, heres who are coming, myself, Denise, Nadine, Kim, Donna K., Christine C., Pam, karen, Michelle H-I and a new teacher in grade 7.

    Good to hear from you and about your stay in Ghana.

    Talk to you soon. Judy

  6. Donna Says:

    Hey, my friend!
    I’m definitely not good at keeping up-to-date with your blog, but definitely enjoy reading of your adventures. Maybe if we send letters/packages now, you’ll have them before you come back! Trust that your October has started well!

  7. Lynn Says:

    I’ll be sure to send you a little something in the next couple of weeks, which means you probably won’t get it for a while. By the way, I had a great sleep last night! Thinking of you lots.

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