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Bus Tickets, Shoe Shopping and My New Status As A Vegetarian October 9, 2008

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This morning my alarm went off at 5am.  I think pretty much everybody knows that this is not my favourite time of day but I was “elected” to go to the bus station to get the tickets for Danielle, Keke, and me so we can get to Wa tomorrow.  I was out the door at 5:05 and must admit that it was darker than I expected and so I was a bit nervous.  There was a young man walking behind me and after a few minutes of being afraid of this shadow I decided that I should make this person my protector.  He had many bags and was obviously on his way to the station so I offered to carry a couple.  Great decision as he then made it his mission to get us a taxi and ended up paying my fare as well.

When I got to the station it was very busy.  Many people had set their alarms/roosters much earlier than five.  I went to the area I had been directed and proceeded to go to the three doors where you buy tickets, only to be directed to another each time.  I finally managed to elbow my way into one room (nobody is going to budge in front of this girl at 5 am!) only to have us all cleared out shortly after I got in there.  After waiting another ten minutes outside the door a man came out with a piece of white paper numbered 1-60 and I got my name on the list for 3 tickets.  That was it.  I was back in bed at 5:41.  The only trick is…..I don’t actually have any tickets yet.  I have to go back at two to pay for and pick up the tickets.  No I don’t understand the system, why I had to be there so early, or why I couldn’t do this yesterday but let’s hope there are 3 tickets with seats assigned for me when I go back:)

Yesterday was a fun day because I spent some time with the girls shopping in the market.  At the bus station I managed to get 2 pairs of awesome sandals, one for $4, the other for $4.50.  I love this place! We then went looking at fabric and I truly had trouble coming home with only 2 more bolts of fabric.  When I get back to Jirapa I will get pictures of me in the outfits I have so far.  They are outrageous!  And my least exciting but probably most important purchase of the day was my first ever motorcycle helmet.  On my list of things to tell you after the fact is that I have been riding on the back of Keke’s motorcycle for the past 3 weeks without a helmet…..there just wasn’t one to be found.  This was only for short distances and he is a very good driver but it still was not the best.  Now I hope to be a passenger for the occasional trip to Wa instead of being mashed into a bus.  Wahoo! (And it is really pretty and green….suppose there should be a picture of that too, maybe while I’m wearing an African outfit?)

The only hard part about the day was that the market is, well, very mixed.  You walk through countless vegetable stands to get to the fabric and many supermarkets to find a shop with bicycle helmets.  Mixed in with all of these were the butcher shops.  Kereen, a program director with Uniterra from Accra, had gone on a mission to buy a cow’s head earlier in the day so I knew what was coming, but really how can you prepare for that.  You can buy a cow’s head plus legs for $40.  I’m not sure if you can buy them separately, or if they always come as a set, but either way I will not be cooking any of that in the convent kitchen in Jirapa.  Yuck!  Hope you were not eating when you read this:)


One Response to “Bus Tickets, Shoe Shopping and My New Status As A Vegetarian”

  1. Tonya Says:

    How did you hold it so long? I would have never been able to get through all those bumps.
    Your mom probaby is a little nervous upon hearing about the helmet situation. I know you are a smart woman.
    Good deals on the shopping. I would love it.
    Miss ya.

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