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Soooooo Happy! October 10, 2008

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I am writing this message on my very own laptop in Wa with my very own internet connection! I am not counting on this ever working again, but it is so great to have had a little success after my many efforts to get a working modem. A big public thanks to Sabina at the Tigo office who did a tonne of work for me.

I also keep forgetting to update you on what I said the day before….Steve, this is a little like me not finishing my sentences, eh? So I will update you. I got the tickets in the afternoon and the bus ride today was much better than last weekend. It was an hour and a half shorter and we were also able to put our bags underneath rather than having them at our feet and that seemed to make all the difference. Oh and I experienced my first women’s urinal today. That would be four concrete walls and a concrete floor with a slight slope and a drain at the bottom. Nope, Tonya, I couldn’t hold it but I think next time I will wait for a bush. (Sorry to those of you who really didn’t want to know that!)

The challenge of the morning was getting ready. Last night I thought I would not pack until this morning because, well, I was feeling lazy. Fortunately I decided to pack just a few things and once I was in the swing of things I was motivated and all got done. (No I didn’t have a lot of stuff I just was feeling really, really lazy). Thank goodness because when my alarm went at 3:40 am there was no power. It was pitch black. Maybe darker than I’ve ever seen (or not seen) before. I used my cellphone to find my way to the bathroom and did a quick once over in the room but man was that lucky. And once we got out on the road Keke had no problem strolling around without worrying about tripping over a goat lying on the pavement for warmth but I found it so hard.

A follow up to my vegetarianism. Currently I am only resisting goat meat and beef. I visited Kereen’s room last night to pick something up from her and had the pleasure of seeing (and smelling!) her cow’s head drying on a sheet in her room. I pity the people who check into that room for tonight! I am trying to avoid witnessing the death of a chicken so I can continue to get some protein into my body for the next few months.


One Response to “Soooooo Happy!”

  1. ssrussell Says:

    Great news about the internet!
    That cow’s head thing is really gross! They’re not even that good looking when they’re alive!

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