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Hissing and Flashing October 15, 2008

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Since coming to Ghana I have learned to flash people as well as hiss at them.  I’m not entirely comfortable with either, but you really can’t survive around here without it. 


When you are wanting to get someone’s attention you must hiss at them.  To call out to them “excuse me” or “sir/madam” would be incredibly rude.  And, as both Susan and John H know, the ‘ssss’ sound carries better than any other, and not just in a choir.  It actually works amazginly well and people are able to get the attention of a waiter even in the middle of a loud group.  I have to say though that the first time I hissed at someone I couldn’t stop laughing.  I don’t laugh so much when people hiss at me…..it just doesn’t seem right.


Flashing is when you call someone, let it ring once, and hang up.  Everybody here has call display so this sends the message that you want to talk.  People do it because whoever makes the call is using up their credits, so basically a flash says I want to talk to you but not so much that I will pay for it! Sometimes that is legit.  Last week a guy from Wa was trying to talk to me while I was in Tamale but I was in meetings.  He said to flash him and then he would call me since it was about something he wanted me to buy for him in Tamale.  Or when I want to talk to someone at the office that is fine.  But how could you do this to your friend? I have yet to figure out the system.  It is good for passing on your number though….I still can’t remember my phone number but can flash someone so they can store it in their phone. (Not knowing my number is one of my many excuses not to give out my number to random people, therefore I am not going to work on improving my memory for a while.  A 16 year old boy gave me his number on the bus the other day….crazy!)


Yes, Mike, this is updated a little (okay a lot) more often than I thought.  I never know when the internet will work next so I am trying to take advantage of it when I can.  Even since yesterday my modem has broken again and I have had to send it to get fixed (along with my bicycle, grrr, not same place though:)) If the posts stop all of a sudden no, I haven’t been abducted, I just don’t have internet.  Iris, Ghana is not Somalia.  I will be home safely.  Thanks Bob! I knew Steve would eat enough for me, especially since there wasn’t any tofu.  Yay, Steve, we agree! Mark the date.  Miss you too Bev!


4 Responses to “Hissing and Flashing”

  1. Donna do ya wanna Says:

    Hi Sandra Baby:
    I miss you a lot. It is great to hear about your adventures . Sorry I haven’t written till now but I heard your hiss all the way here in Canada.

    Hugs donna

  2. Christie (Calderwood) Leslie Says:

    Sandra girl! Wow! What an adventure. I’m glad those Ghana boys are appreciating you like they should 🙂 I’m not sure I would be able to live without KD…do you have access to chocolate at least? Miss you girl! Keep updating…it’s so much fun to read your blog!


  3. Christie (Calderwood) Leslie Says:

    Oh and I’m totally flashing everyone from now on!

  4. Lynn Says:

    Hi Sandra,
    Hopefully you’ll be able to stop hissing when you come home. I not sure how well it would go over with everyone here! You’ll have to show me how it’s done the next time I see you.

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