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Patience, Patience October 16, 2008

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Up until now I have done pretty well with dealing with various challenges that have come up.  Not today.  I think the last straw was when I was told I couldn’t photocopy until I had bought my own paper and then walked to the stationary store only to see the last pack of paper open and not for sale.  Grrrrr.  Now it is onto the bike to pedal into town and see if I can find another.  At least I haven’t been yelled at today, like yesterday, for typing “math” in one of my letters instead of “mathematics.” I will not dwell on my challenges or whine to you (any more than I already have!), just to say that it isn’t always a piece of cake.  That’s good for me though, right?  I am really starting to appreciate the ease of my life at home.


Christie, you have brought up a good question with the chocolate.  I carried 5 chocolate bars back from Tamale last week and am going to allow myself one per week.  They are currently in the fridge, trying to stay semi decent, although that is hard when they keep turning the fridge off so they don’t have to defrost it.  (My mayo is having a hard time with that too.)  I am really looking forward to them though, I just have to decide which day of the week I am going to make “Chocolate Day!”  Suggestions? Donna, you heard me! Now if only there were a Toblerone with that message:)  Miss you too.


Here is a call out to all of you math teachers.  I am looking for any games you have that you play with your students, mostly between grades 4-9.  There can’t be many supplies involved, although I do have dice.  Last week I hired a carpenter to cut 700(!) dice that are 3cm x 3 cm.  All of this is done by hand, not with a power saw, and he has charged a whole $16.  I wish it were appropriate for me to pay more, but that causes problems, and so I will give him his $16 and a big thank you.  (I may not be so excited about them once I get started writing the numbers on all of them!) I also can make cards if your games need them.  Pop me a note on here or send me an email.  Happy Almost Friday!


5 Responses to “Patience, Patience”

  1. ssrussell Says:

    Thursday’s chocolate day!!!!
    I’ve got some suggestions of games… I’ll e-mail you.
    It’s got to be almost dinner time for you – lunch for me.

  2. Elise Calderwood Says:

    Hey Sandra,
    I’ve been enjoying your blogs. Did you know that you are quite a story-teller?
    I was out walking the other day & praying for you. This song came to my mind. I thought it might be encouraging to you.
    “The eyes of God are upon you, He sees everywhere you go.
    The arms of God are around you, He keeps you safe & secure.
    And He knows where you are every hour of every day
    And He knows each thought you think & every word that you might say.
    And although there are times when you might step out of His will, you are never out of His care!” God Bless! Love, Aunt E.

  3. ssrussell Says:

    I just flashed mom and dad… hee hee…

  4. blumer Says:

    I have a Math game called ‘contig’–involved dice, paper, pencil. I’ll e-mail the instructions to you.
    Christine is trying to pass me in Science…

  5. Michelle H-I Says:

    Math Game – Making pictures with geomentry shapes!

    Battleship type game with a Cartesian Plane


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