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I Hear Ya Angelina October 17, 2008

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I am a bit of a celebrity here in Jirapa.  It seems that everyone knows me or has heard of me before I meet them.  And when I ride my bike down the street to the office the children follow behind me, waving, yelling “Nasalla! Good morning, Nasalla, how are you?” Nasalla is Dagare for “white” and I suppose some people might be upset at being referred to by their colour, but there is absolutely nothing offensive about the smiling faces behind the voices.  So far I don’t mind my “status” as a celebrity too much, I mean, how many of you have had a child run up to the top of a pile of bricks and cheer for you as you walked by them lately? What I did find disconcerting the other day was one girl calling out “Sister Sandra” as I went by and I am positive I have never met her before.  It happened again later in the day so obviously the word has gotten out.  Fortunately I have a bit of privacy in that the convent seems to be off limits to the kids so when I need a break there is an escape for me.  And here is my favourite part.  I was saying to Susan the other day that if Angelina Jolie came to Jirapa right now I would be more famous than she AND people might even think she was me since we “all look the same.” Hahahaha, what a thought!  Angelina being called Sister Sandra:)


My day today so far has been better.  There were no ants in my food bucket this morning (like there were TWICE yesterday) I have been able to buy the paper and cardboard I need for my workshop, I seem to have convinced the girls in the kitchen that the fridge really does need to be turned on all the time, and I have had a bit of time on the internet.  Plus, since I missed “Chocolate Thursday” I think I will do some catching up today:) Thank you for the encouragement Auntie Elise, that was just what I needed to hear. 


Favourite site on the way to work: An entire cow strapped to the back of a motorbike.


5 Responses to “I Hear Ya Angelina”

  1. Bev Says:

    Dear Angelina,
    I think I missed a call from you today and yesterday too….both times I was in a meeting. Best time to call me is on Sunday. Don’t get too popular and forget all of us back here in Cowtown.
    P.S. I am glad things are going well…..
    Have the cute Doctor’s come back ?
    Miss you lots,

  2. kristen13 Says:

    Um. WOW. If you don’t have an actual picture of the cow strapped to the motorbike, I hope the mental image stays with you forever…because that is awesome.

  3. Don Royan Says:

    Hello Sandra, We ran into your parents at the 60th wedding anniversary for Bob & Cath Simper. Your mom kindly shared your website – awesome to think you are having some incredible experiences. We love your spirit of adventure and are enjoying reading about your day to day living and teaching. Best wishes – we will be remembering you in our prayers!!

  4. kris Says:

    Maybe Angelina will play you in the movie version of this adventure?

  5. Holli Says:

    Hey Sandra

    Was the cow alive?


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