Gone to Ghana

My Ghanaian Poang October 20, 2008

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On Friday I set off to buy a chair.  I had seen this kind of chair at a friend’s and thought it might be a nice addition to my bedroom.  When I got to the “store” (the shack with a few chairs in front) the man gave me the right price ($3.50) right off the bat which made me very happy.  I told him I would ride my bike home and walk back to get the chair.  “No, no, no, Nasalla, we will put it on the bike.” And he did.  I wish I could say I road the bike home like this but to be honest it is hard enough to balance on this bike as it is.  (By the way, that’s why there is no pic of the cow….I nearly fell off the bike just looking at it, let alone getting the camera out).


Still more internet issues so a short post today.  Here is one of my fancy new duds….I don’t know that the bright patterns add too much to my figure, but the dress has been a hit at work today.


One Response to “My Ghanaian Poang”

  1. Colleen Threadkell Says:

    I expect this type of transport at home!

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