Gone to Ghana

The Office October 21, 2008

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Today was my first workshop, yay, but I will leave the details until tomorrow when we have finished our second day and I can tell you all about it. Things that normally would be a big issue (ie. our letter not being received by the headmaster of the school to host us) would be a problem but I think all in all it went well. I am exhausted though….my first real day of teaching since June!

Bev was asking what the office looks like so I took a few pictures. The official title of our office is the Jirapa-Lambussie District Ghana Education Service. There are probably 30 people who work there, although I really am not sure as sometimes it is very lively (Dad thought I was at a party when I called from work!) and other times it is dead quiet (I nearly got locked in one day as I was the only one there….at two in the afternoon).

Anyway, I work in a small room with Keke and Nathalia. Keke is from the south and is a “Community Mobilization Officer.” No I don’t know exactly what this means, but I do know that he works with Girl’s Clubs (they have boys and girls…I don’t know where to put the apostrophe, or how to spell apostrophe) in the schools, discussing issues that face girls in education and general life up here. He has just submitted a new project proposal so I will get to see more of what he does in the schools in a couple of weeks. Nathalia is the District Girls’ Education Officer. She is a funny lady and very feisty. Again, don’t know the job description, but she has gone to get back a girl that was taken in an “elopement case” where a boy’s family basically kidnaps a girl if she doesn’t want to marry that boy. She also seems to help a lot of girls find funding for school or get them into programs they want.

Back to the office. Under the tree is the staff parking lot. Yes that is the staff washroom. At one point I may have thought that using a urinal would be liberating. I should have recognized that this would only be liberating if I were a man:)

Emails. I have heard from a couple of people that some emails (and texts) I am not responding to and it seems that some are not coming through. If you send me something and I don’t reply within a few days it means that it probably didn’t get to me and if you wouldn’t mind resending it that would be awesome! My inbox is sadly empty and I love to hear from people.

I’m going to hiss at you when I stop in at the Toronto airport on the way home, Lynn. I’m sure the customs officers there will really appreciate that! Yes, the cow was dead, Holli. Hi Uncle Don! Great idea, Kris. I think Angelina would make a great Sandra. Can you get on that? Thanks!


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