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Downloading For Days October 27, 2008

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Have you ever felt like your computer is so slow that it takes days to download something? I have literally been downloading for days. There are updates for my computer and after five days it has now hit 54%. Yes, I’m happy to have the internet, but wow, will I ever be happy with the speed I will be zipping around at when I get home. And I can’t wait until next weekend when these updates might be finished and things on my computer will speed up again. Last night I stayed up to see my niece Alyssa (and Steve and Sue) on Skype only to have my calls continually dropped. Maybe by next weekend things will have sped up and I can make a connection. The good news though was that Keke was able to use Skype for the first time to see his wife and boys, aged 3 and 9 months. I can’t imagine how hard it must be being away from them, especially with how much the kids change at this age. So thank you Skype!

Yay, Dad and Bev have started adding comments! No, Bev, you really don’t want to see inside. It’s just a cement floor with a couple of drains, no roof. Bri, your life is not easy….make sure your wife knows that as she is running around after a two-year old waiting for the next one any day now. Hope your son/daughter joins your soon!


One Response to “Downloading For Days”

  1. unclebrian Says:

    Hi Sandra,
    Thanks! I want you to know Chrissy, Abby and I are very proud of you! We love reading your blog so keep it up. We will post as soon as Galli Jr. arrives (Which seems like it’s never going to happen).
    Stay safe

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