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Sorry Sorry October 30, 2008

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There are certain words here that are always said in twos, for example “sorry sorry” or “small small.” Well, I need to say sorry sorry to my modem.  It seems that it did not take kindly to my complaining about it taking days to download and went on strike.  I have now been put in my place and will be thrilled with any and all connections we can make:)


Tuesday and Wednesday this week were my second workshop and I think this week was better than last week.  I think it always happens that way with teaching, the second time is better.  Now I will just have to be careful that the third and fourth times don’t slip away.  My frustrations of last week have somewhat been resolved and that is good news.  Basically the people who helped me in making my budget underestimated the gas to get to the farthest places by about half.  That’s a problem.  Big problem actually.  But fortunately I have a friend who has a friend up near these two cities and I can stay with her.  She is also going to drive me around on her motorbike just as long as she can come observe the workshops as she is doing similar work in another district.  Sweet! So the financial issues I have for my program have been delayed a bit at least.


Here are a few pics of Jirapa.  I know this won’t mean much to most of you but I would say that Jirapa is about the same size as Christina Lake (the town, not the lake) and Wa is equivalent to Grand Forks.  This is not at all scientific, but seems right to me. 

I remember wondering why I couldn’t find any pics of Jirapa on the internet before I came.  Now I know.  The pictures are boring! The only semi-good picture I could get was of a girl at a phone station.  Here 99% of the phones used are cellphones.  I honestly don’t know if there are any land lines, but putting 100% when you’re not sure just leaves you wide open in a debate, right Steve? Anyway, when you run out of minutes for your phone you just buy another card, which is the size of a credit card but is paper, and scratch the back to get a number to enter on the phone.  These can be bought literally every 20 ft at stands and I try to mix it up a bit because I think they would wonder who the crazy white lady is talking to all the time in order to use that many minutes.  You know they are open for business if the umbrella is up and closed if it is down.  Very simple, very easy, I like it.  (Sorry sorry that this pic is sideways.  Selfishly I had decided it is easier for you to turn your head than for me to take the time to download it again once I have rotated it.)


2 Responses to “Sorry Sorry”

  1. Mom Says:

    Nice to see some pictures — and have some comparisons as to the size of Jirapa and Wa. I see that it doesn’t matter how far away you are, you still have to be semi-careful not to give rise to a debate with Steve 🙂 Has my package come yet? Love, Mom
    What would you like sent — that might get there before Christmas?

  2. Sandra #2 Says:

    No crazy traffic jams in Jirapa like in India, hey!? Thanks for posting the pictures. It makes it easier to imagine where you are.

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