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In Praise of (A Little Faster Than) Slow October 31, 2008

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One of the books I brought along to read is called “In Praise of Slow.” Yes, I was very aware of the likely irony in this book when I bought it, but it’s been an interesting read and I agree with a lot of what it is saying.  I have really enjoyed the slow pace of life in rural Africa and I think there will be a lot of things about this lifestyle that I miss when I get home.  That being said, I could handle it being a little faster than slow when it comes to the mail.  Every day I wait ever so patiently until after lunch break to go ask Christie if there is any mail for me.  I know that there won’t be because if there was she would have brought it to me immediately.  But you’ve got to try right? So every day I ask and every day she says that I should phone my friends in Canada and tell them to send me something.  Every day I tell her that I have phoned them, they have sent something, and it should be here by now.  Then we finish this same conversation by both saying, “Maybe tomorrow.” Every day, same conversation.  So no, nothing has arrived except for the first two letters from my aunts, but maybe tomorrow:)


This week I was in the office one day when a woman came looking for someone to help her with a letter.  Since I was the only one around I took a look.  Her main problem was that in the letter it said she had to report some kind of data to the office by September 23. Yes, 2008.  The letter was stamped on the back as having been received at her school on October 21.  So now it is not so surprising to me that some of the letters about my workshops have not been received on time.  We do not use the Ghanaian Post System to send our letters because that would be too expensive and theoretically way too slow.  So there are about 12 boxes in the office for the different districts.  Anybody who comes to the office who is heading that way then takes the letters at least part of the way and then gives them to someone else to pass along.  If there is a big rush they might be given to a tro-tro driver or the friend of an uncle of someone’s cousin who knows a lady who will be going close to that area sometime soon.  And sometimes it works, really well, and sometimes it doesn’t.


Thanks for suggesting Battleship MHI.  I showed it to the teachers this week and they loved it.  Sandra #2, only for you would I stand out in the middle of a “busy” street in Jirapa to conspicuously take a picture.  And I will be very grateful to have those pics when I get home, so thank you.  Hi Fred.  Please pass on a hello to Wendy.


2 Responses to “In Praise of (A Little Faster Than) Slow”

  1. Bev Says:

    I’m in the process of putting a little package together for you, in hopes that it reaches you by Christmas.
    Thanks for posting some pictures.
    Miss you lots.

  2. Sandra #2 Says:


    You know having those pictures as well as keeping these posts and a journal is going to be an amazing way to tell this story for years after you get home!

    S : )

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