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Gearing Up For 2012 November 9, 2008

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Mel and I have spent the past week training and I think we will definitely be ready for London in 2012.  I don’t know which country we will represent, Mel being Australian and me Canadian, but I think we would do either country proud.  I know you are wondering, what sport Sandra could possibly think she could be competitive in? I don’t blame you for thinking that this exceptionally non-athletic individual must have lost her mind.


There would need to be a few modifications, but I think Ghanaian motocross would be an awesome spectator sport.  It would be very similar to the version seen in this year’s Olympics, but would have a driver and passenger instead.  There would need to be a few quiet, not-so-bright goats brought in to wander around on the course, scampering away with the sound of a horn.  Pigs would dart out at random from the tall grass on the side of the road along with a dog or two that seem to think the bike is a toy (or enemy?) to be chased.  The course this year wasn’t all that technical by our standards and I think it would be good if they added some more potholes, primarily in the middle of the course, and a couple of creek crossings to increase the difficulty.  Competitors would face oncoming buses, transport trucks, crazy tro-tro drivers, other motorbikes, bicycles and pedestrians coming the other direction.  As in Ghana, this oncoming traffic would drive on whatever side of the road has the fewest potholes, only a major issue when meeting each other head on or trying to pass.  Competitors would be expected to smile and wave at young children waving from the side and yelling “Nasalla” as they pass . And don’t forget about the bags of materials and roll of flip chart paper they would carry, as if they were going to lead a workshop upon arrival.  They would have the choice of wearing their traditional Ghanaian dress, or carrying their skirt (yes, a women’s only event) in their bag in order to change in the back of the classroom before beginning to teach.  All of this would continue for a mere 30 km.


Yep, back safe and sound in Jirapa after a great week with Mel, Marilyn, and Ruth using Nandom as my home base.  Thanks to Mel for her superb driving and support in the workshops, to Marilyn and Ruth for putting up “The Canadian” just because.  You guys are awesome!  And no, there weren’t actually any creek crossings (the dry season has come on very quickly!) but it made for a better story.


Thanks, Kerry, for clearing that up for me.  I think we all are now much more aware of why the world needs more horses and fewer engineers:) Mmmmmmm, turducken.  I am looking forward to having Christmas dinner in January and there doesn’t even need to be the “ducken” to please me.  No hugging goats Colleen, you know how I am with animals.  Like to look, don’t like to touch.  Dad, now that we’re coming clean I guess I should tell you about….


3 Responses to “Gearing Up For 2012”

  1. Kim V Says:

    Okay – that was good for a laugh! I can just picture the whole scene. No, wait, it would be better with real pictures, flip chart and all! But I can wait till you come home. Thanks for making my day.

  2. kristen13 Says:

    Maybe Ghanaian motorcross can unite the world with its international team division.

  3. Colleen Threadkell Says:

    Oh how I would love that drive. Hard core, action packed, skill testing! The Deerfoot but better!

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