Gone to Ghana

Antz November 17, 2008

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Hi Ian! It is great to hear from you and get an update on the Strachan household. I miss your lunchtime stories. And I do have a solution to the Kelly issue if you can wait a couple of months. The solution…..ants. Teeny little ants, no more than a millimeter in length, a fraction of that in width. And millions of them. They are called railroad ants and this is because they stream across any area in straight lines, covering unbelievable distances. Fortunately they don’t bite, but I still don’t like the tickle of ants crawling on my skin. I am sure that they many of them will be hitching a ride home with me so I will drop some off at your place on the way home from the airport.  They really require you to clean and the motivation is quite high:)

Now, the ants were something that I became aware of right off the bat, but since I didn’t have internet I couldn’t tell you and over the past couple of months my feelings towards them have changed from complete hatred to a grudging respect. My first major experience with the ants was in my food bucket. I thought I was being quite smart to buy a bucket with a lid on it to keep the ants out. Clearly I had no idea what I was dealing with. One of my first days I came down to find my bucket full of ants. I carefully took everything out, brushed off all the ants, and merrily went to work, assuming that these ants must have come in because the lid wasn’t on tight enough. At lunch I came back to find that the bucket was again full of ants, even though the lid was well in place. When I opened my jar of peanut butter I found that they had crawled up through the screw threads of the lid to enjoy my favourite snack carried all the way from home. Well, that was war. Sister Marcelina had the brilliant idea to get a large bowl of water and put the bucket inside the bowl so that the ants couldn’t get to the bucket. For the first few days it didn’t seem to be working as there were still ants, especially around my rice, although not as many. I was totally mystified, how could these ants possibly be getting in? I even contemplated sitting there for hours to watch what would happen (evenings were really slow at the start, okay?????). It was only after a couple of days that I figured out that the ants weren’t getting in, they were coming out. Out of my rice. I had been so careful to clean all of the ants out of the bucket, but I guess that was only the ants I could see. So now after a couple of months of them coming out of everywhere I can say with confidence that my food does not have ants in it.

As of last week though my bedroom and clothes do. I noticed the stream of ants across the wall one day last week but hung on to denial as to what this meant for as long as I could. On Thursday I found a couple of ants in my closet/place-where-I-put-everything. So that night I took everything out of the closet and followed the stream of ants to one of my bags that I haven’t used since getting here. I picked up the bag with a heavy heart and unzipped it to find the cause of all my problems…..a melted chocolate leftover from the plane. These minute little creatures had to come through many cracks in the walls and sift through a whole lot of stuff to find this. I am actually quite in awe, although frustrated that I don’t seem to be able to get rid of them. I have cleaned and cleaned, swept and swept, but still they are there. Tonight I will break down and spray. After that I will keep a very clean room.


2 Responses to “Antz”

  1. Iris Says:

    Hey Sandra,
    Reading your blog almost every day and wanted to ask you if you are getting a bit tanned and using protection…for your skin! It just really seems hot there!!
    It has finally snowed here and is now becoming regular Calgary cold weather. Hopefully will be having a white Christmas but a Chinook is on the horizon. We are all going to Kananaskis in a few days and looking forward to it.We will miss you, but looking forward in your return and stories you could not put on the blog web.
    Back to drama in the classroom.

  2. Faye Says:

    Hi Sandra,
    Finally I refound your blog that Sharon sent to me just after you left For Ghana. After reading about the ants, I’ve decided mission work is not for me. I do not like creepy crawly things, esp. when they come in droves. I certainly admire you for all that you are doing.
    Take care, & here’s hoping no more ant issues.

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