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If You Couldn’t Go Home for Christmas….. November 17, 2008

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Where would you go? I have a couple of good options here, although the biggest part of the plan is to be busy so that I don’t think about my family at home.  I know of a couple people heading to the coast to enjoy the beautiful beaches.  Others are staying here or having visitors from home.  Me? I am going to Timbuktu.  Well, actually I think Christmas will be in Ougadougou with New Year’s being Timbuktu.  I have joined up with a couple other girls (and hoping to convince one more….especially because she speaks French!) and will be doing our best to see as much of Burkina Faso and Mali as we can in three weeks.  Then it will be one last week of packing up and heading to Accra to catch my flight home.  Hence, no real need for Christmas packages.  I appreciate so much those of you who have thought of me and will especially look forward to celebrating Christmas with you when I get home.  Two months today!


Kris, I keep forgetting, the satchets are plastic, probably about the same as a heavy duty ziplock.  I can’t tell if you are asking just to find out or to point out to me that this is also not very environmentally friendly, which is true.  I have figured it out though, and ml for ml of water I need, the satchets are the way to go.  Good to hear from you Donna! Brian and Chrissy, congratulations on the arrival of baby Zachary.  I’m sure cousin Ally is very excited!


2 Responses to “If You Couldn’t Go Home for Christmas…..”

  1. kristen13 Says:

    Sandra- are the water sachets thicker than milk bag plastic? One of the shots you took makes it almost look like a breast implant…

    Anyway, I’m going to San Francisco for Christmas (although we will actually be flying on Christmas day, so hopefully there aren’t any delays), but Timbuktu sounds like a very good option. Not all that many people can say they’ve been. I’m pretty sure they went to Ouagadougou once on the Amazing Race…but we may have had that conversation already.

  2. kris Says:

    Hi Sandra, my thought process was something like: cloth satchets that hold water? That’s weird, but they do sort of look like they could be made of cloth (on my monitor anyway). They must be lined with something – intestine? Then again, they also look sort of plasticy. I should just ask, What are those satchets made of? I wasn’t trying to be an a.

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