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Morning Sickness November 26, 2008

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The last couple of mornings I have been seriously nauseous.  I think this is what you would call Ghanaian morning sickness and the cause is…..

These pictures may not look like much so you will have to click on them to get the bigger version where you can truly see what the roads are like.  Yesterday and today were the last two days for my workshops and of course I left one of the furthest places until the end.  Not brilliant.  Anyway, I am finished with conducting workshops and quite happy about that I must say.  Nothing like giving the same 2-day presentation SEVEN times.  The next couple of weeks should be interesting as I go around to the schools and do a bit of follow-up.  I think I will be picking schools close to Jirapa, at least for the first couple of days!


Shhhhh, Auntie Elise, we were supposed to keep my Anne Murray upbringing a secret:) Ah, the seventies.  I actually don’t remember that song, but I’m sure Doug will.  It is handy having a pseudo-twin that can be your memory for the first ten or so years of your life that you can’t remember.  I really did love seeing your name pop up with a comment.  Thanks for coming along on this trip with me! I also keep meaning to say thanks to you, Shanna and Faye, great to know someone is reading.  Kristen, yes, Ougadougou was the place on Amazing Race, or so I’ve been told.  I actually don’t really watch the show but will have to see if I can get that episode at Blockbuster or something when I get home.  Sandra, dogsled.  Iris, yes, getting plenty of sun, although really it is only my arms that are tanned.  My arms and legs are so far apart in their colour that they literally look like they must belong to different people.  Fortunately I don’t think there is ever a “bathing suit” season in Ghana!  Will talk more on the weather later, right now must sleep.  Goodnight!


3 Responses to “Morning Sickness”

  1. Dad Says:

    I can now understand a little better why the Dakar Rally (used to be 16 days from Lisbon to Dakar (looks like it is due west of you on the coast of Senegal)) will be raced in South America in January. Too bad – thought you might take a side trip from

  2. Sandra #2 Says:

    First the engagement/wedding ring in September and morning sickness in November…how quickly things change! 🙂

    Glad that you got through the workshops, and I hope the follow-ups are promising!

  3. bigdawg77 Says:

    Making the title morning sickness leaves a lot to peoples imagination and you know I would not miss a chance to comment. However with grandchildren now I will keep my comments to myself and save any potential embarassment. However the name Bob is excellent for a little Calgaryghanaian!!!

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