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Goodbye, My Friends December 1, 2008

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I am feeling very low today because I have had to say goodbye to the three people in Jirapa that I have come to know the best.  Leticia, one of the girls who works at the convent, has gone to Tamale for school.  I didn’t realize when she said she would go to register this weekend that she wouldn’t come back after.  It is very fortunate that my bus didn’t come yesterday and ended up taking a tro-tro with her to Wa.  Anyway, it is awesome that she is able to do this program and I am thrilled for her but sad to see her go.  She is one of the few employees who has been there since I came and is really a wonderful person, one of the most consistent positives in my life.

Joseph and Jonathon headed off on the bus to Wa this morning on their way to the coast and ultimately home to the UK.  I don’t know what I would have done if they had not shown up on my doorstep 5 weeks ago.  I have truly enjoyed many a night of Coke/Star/Fanta/whatever is cold and conversation.  Now what am I going to do with my evenings?  Sad to see you go but know you are anxious to be back with those you love the most so I am also happy to send you on your way.  Safe journey!


One Response to “Goodbye, My Friends”

  1. lu Says:

    hello! i think that we had emailed earlier this year and i am glad to see that you are enjoying ghana. i will indeed keep up with your ghanaian adventures and relive my memories of fanta, coke, and star through you!

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