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Really Small Breasts December 2, 2008

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When I first came here I thougt that the chickens must only have legs and thighs because that is all I was ever served.  One day I had the good fortune to get a random piece of meat that I could not place.  It was only after pulling it all apart that the lightbulb went off that this must be the breast.  Why was it so hard to tell? It was sooooooooooooooooo small.  I mean, about the size of my thumb.  I have since learned that they cut the chicken pieces a little differently than we do so there is a little more to what we would consider the breast, but not much.  This isn’t a big worry to me, I’m happy with what I get.  What is a worry to me is what has happened to the chickens at home to make them so large?


Last Friday night we decided to have a big feast to celebrate the boys’ trip home.  This feast consisted of a whole chicken (supposed to be roasted but not sure if putting the chicken in oil in a pot can really be called roasting), gravy (thanks Auntie Sharon), pasta (thanks Joseph), and delicious pineapple with melted chocolate (thanks Deb and Mathea).  It really was delicious.  The only thing we didn’t think of was that maybe we should have started a little earlier so it was still light while we were eating.  Who needs light to eat? After the following monologue you will understand.  Joseph picked up his piece of chicken and began, “I knew this was a good piece of meat.  It looks really good, and is the first light meat I’ve had in a long time.  I wasn’t sure if it was the breast……until I turned it over and there was the heart.  Yep, must be the breast.”  Once again I had tears streaming down my face I could not stop laughing.  (I’ve been really, really giddy lately…..sign of insanity coming on?) So out came the flashlights(thanks to you, I believe, Uncle John) and we finished our meal, sans heart.

Welcome to the Devitt family! It always worries me a little to find out after the fact that someone has been reading but hopefully the “mom” filter I have in mind for my own mom while I’m writing means I haven’t said anything to scare you too much.  Glad to have you along! Hi Lu, yes, we did talk a while back.  I still follow your blog and find it interesting that we have swapped places since that time.  Welcome home to Calgary, hope your adjustment continues to go well.  Maybe we can meet up for a Starbucks in Calgary sometime.


5 Responses to “Really Small Breasts”

  1. lu Says:

    sounds good to me!

  2. Dad Says:

    That meal looks great – my worry is that people will have difficulty believing you don’t eat as well or better than back in Calgary. I think the breasts the chicks have here are artificially augmented – thats what sells. Is it getting hotter as the dry / windy season progresses? Do you know (or care) what the actual temperature is? I think you said it doesn’t feel as hot because it isn’t so humid – right?

  3. ssrussell Says:

    Re: Dad’s comment…
    Artificially augmented breasts, hey? Hmm… I must admit you’re probably right – that’s what sells here.

  4. bigdawg77 Says:

    artificially augmented breasts – leaves a lot to the imagination — oops – you were talking about chickens!!!
    I am enjoying keeping up with your adventure Sandra but I know a certain little girl is really looking forward to see Auntie Sandra real soon. Stay well.

  5. Tonya Says:

    That is scary to think what is being pumped into our chicken breasts here. Sandra, glad you have good friends and company during those five weeks. I am sure they will now be friends for life.

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