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I’ve Got Gas December 9, 2008

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For the stove! For the stove! Fixed today.  Hehehe.  That’s why I teach teenagers:)


Really that’s all I’ve got for today but I couldn’t pass that title up.  I seem to have missed the memo that states that the day after the holiday is usually used for travelling back from wherever you have gone so I spent most of the day in the office by myself.  No luck on getting the vehicle for the schools I was to visit.  Is it a bad sign that I am coming to expect this?


Thanks, Steve.  That was just for you.  I even googled it to make sure I got the quote right.  See, those years of you and Doug rattling off entire episodes of The Simpsons at dinner weren’t a waste of time after all:)


Donna, good timing.  I just managed to get the photos of my fufu pounding this weekend.  These are from over a month ago when I visited the girls in Nandom.  The dinner that night of fufu and groundnut soup was one of the best I have had in Ghana.  Ah, how things have changed from that first week.  It also really helped for me to find out that fufu is just yam pounded to death with a bit of water added.  And groundnut soup is great when there isn’t that extra little fishy something in it:) Glad to hear you are whipping everyone into shape, Iris, and making sure I’m not forgotten.  No pressure though Donna, 8 more school days and then you can catch up….although knowing you there is a list a mile long of things to be done during the holidays.  Don’t work too hard, my friend!


2 Responses to “I’ve Got Gas”

  1. Dad Says:

    If you do get gas I hope one of the street hawkers has a supply of bean-o! Are you wearing gloves because of the cold or to prevent blisters??? Over a week and no one has commented on the rule against urinating in the bathroom!!! Dumb question I know but???

  2. slrussell Says:

    Yep, the gloves are for blisters. It is plenty warm enough without them, especially after ten minutes or so of pounding fufu. I only worked for a minute or two so the gloves really weren’t necessary for me but Merilyn was hard at work for a good twenty minutes.

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