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Lost in Translation December 10, 2008

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Hi Dad! Thanks for checking in.  I, too, was surprised that nobody asked about the urinating in the bathroom but maybe it is a weird Russell trait that we find this kind of thing interesting.  Anyway, I will explain at least what I think it means in Canadian english as well as a few more of my favourite phrases.  By the way, I also don’t know why there is a rule in all guesthouses that no ironing is allowed in rooms (okay, if you insist!).


Ghanaian: No urinating in the bathroom.

Canadian interpretation: No urinating in the room where you bathe, which is separate from the room with the toilet.


Ghanaian: I hope you know where (blank, blank) is.

Canadian interpretation: Do you know where (blank, blank) is?


Ghanaian: I would be happy to read your report before our meeting on Monday.

Canadian interpretation: Submit your report before Monday so that I can read it before our meeting.


Ghanaian: I will go and come.

Canadian interpretation: I am leaving for a while and may come back again sometime maybe soon maybe later maybe not at all.


Ghanaian: Will you pick me?

Canadian interpretation: Could you please come pick me up?


Ghanaian: My stomach is running.

Canadian interpretation: Diarrhea.


Ghanaian: Teachers need to be motivated.

Canadian interpretation: Teachers need more money.


Ghanaian: No problem.

Canadian interpretation: There is a problem, but no solution, so it is better to say no problem.


2 Responses to “Lost in Translation”

  1. Joseph Devitt Says:

    you forgot ‘i want to take you as a friend!’ haha
    ahhhh back home now, its lovely and freezing 🙂 …. plane journey was a bit scary, landing in the wind and wet, skidding a bit and accra aiport deciding to play footage of 9/11 in the departure lounge!!! why!?
    Hope all is well in sunny jirapa! I bet Peter is glad he has no more ‘rivals’ for you attention!
    speak to you soon, take care x

  2. I believe explaining the idiocyncrasies of culture is the essential ingredient of a great traveler or travel blog. This lost in translation blog post was great. Thanks from Andy of HoboTraveler.com Travel Blog and Hotels

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