Gone to Ghana

Joyeux Noel! December 25, 2008

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Bonjour! I am sitting in a cafe in Ouagadougou for my first Christmas away from home.  We left Ghana on Monday morning and have had a blast so far.  Since I can’t be with my family, I am so happy to be with Mel and Merilyn.  They are so much fun and hardly a moment goes by without a laugh (or a snort!)

Just a couple of quick highlights:

  • arriving at the Ghanaian/Burkina border and discovering that the french I learned in high school did not cover most terms asked on a customs form
  • missing the bus from the border to Bobo.  Fortunately the guy Merilyn had arranged to drive us to the border was allowed across to take us on a quick chase for the bus.
  • my first hot shower in three and a half months
  • riding a moped that requires pedaling to start.  Unfortunately I got the bike that had the spark plug pop off every ten minutes or so so I am now very good at starting the bike.  We did make it to the waterfall though and both the journey and the destination were a highlight.
  • my first pizza in months
  • my first chinese food in months
  • a swimming pool!

Tonight we are off to the Moulin Rouge for supper again, hehe.  It was great last night and I think I will have pizza again.  Can’t beat my favourite food for Christmas dinner (only because Mom has promised me a turkey when I get home).  Then we are off to Mali in the morning and will see how far we actually get.  There is beautiful hiking in something called Dogon County and a great mosque in Djenne.  From the sounds of it catching buses will get significantly more challenging from here on and the food will be, well, more like “home” in Ghana.

Thanks so much for the notes Kim, Fred, Wendy, John, Sandra, Kirsten, Shanna, Kristen, Bev and the others I have missed.  Don’t think I will have internet again for quite some time so Happy New Year! See many of you soon!