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So, How Was It? January 16, 2009

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In exactly 11 hours I will be on a plane that will, hopefully, have already departed.  (We, okay so I’m the only one, call it DTD here instead of ETD….desired time of departure.) Anyway, yes, I am very excited to be on my way.  Not excited about the 30 hours to get to Calgary, but still excited to be on my way.  In anticipation of the first question I will be asked by everyone, here is your answer.


So, how was it? It was great actually.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here, although yes I am ready to come home.  In many ways though I wouldn’t mind if I were home for a visit and then coming back.  It really is too bad it is so far and so expensive to fly between the two.  I just felt like I was starting to adjust about the end of November and that’s when the work thing kind of fell apart because of the election and the Christmas break.  


So, would you do it again? Yes.  Not sure if I would choose to be as remote as Jirapa but yes I am interested in working internationally again.  I was sooooooooo fortunate to make some really good friends in Wa, but I recognize that this is quite uncommon when you are so isolated.  Not sure if I’d push my luck twice:)  And although I think that teacher training is the way to go as far as development, I really missed teaching and so I would probably prefer to have a class of my own and do some workshops on the side.


What will you miss the most? Wearing flip flops in January.  The laughter.  Saying good morning to everybody, followed by how was the night.  T-shirts in January.  Buying a whole pineapple for a dollar, all cut up for you into a little bag while you are walking down the street.  (I won’t miss the rest of the food or cold showers every morning though).  Sister Marcelina and the girls at the convent.  Louisa and the women at the office.  Riding on the back of a motorbike.  Riding my bike to work every day.  Mel, Merilyn and the other volunteers I got to know.  The worst part of making friends is having to say goodbye.  I will probably have to make a new list in a week once I get home because that’s when you realize what you miss the most.


On that note, I have to sign off.  Hope to see you soon!

(Happy Birthday Mom and Sue!!!!)


2 Responses to “So, How Was It?”

  1. lu Says:

    i am so glad to hear you had such a great time!

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